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As an experienced Product Owner and Systems Specialist, I specialize in developing and implementing mission-critical IT infrastructure solutions with a firm commitment to security. Drawing from my experience as an Audiovisual Technology Instructor, I adeptly translate complex technical information into practical, understandable concepts, fostering an environment of clear communication and understanding. If you're seeking a highly motivated professional who can deliver critical IT solutions, prioritize security, and bring insights from an experienced educator, let's connect.

Innovating in Systems & Infrastructure


Product Ownership
Experience as a Product Owner, overseeing change and release management processes, aligning priorities, and ensuring successful project implementation.
Project Management
Proven ability to monitor progress, meet deadlines, manage costs, and coordinate resources effectively.
Communication and Collaboration
Strong interpersonal and communication skills, facilitating effective collaboration with team members, stakeholders, and external partners.
Leadership and Mentoring
Experience in supervising and mentoring teams, fostering a positive work environment, and nurturing emerging talent.
Track record of effectively promoting and selling products or services. Experienced in building relationships, identifying needs, and delivering tailored solutions

Senior Systems Specialist
Proficiency in specifying and designing air traffic management systems, analyzing user needs, and identifying cyber security vulnerabilities.
Innovation and Problem-Solving
Demonstrated ability to drive innovation, identify market developments, and apply them to vision and strategy.
Critical Infrastructure
Extensive experience working in highly critical environments, ensuring optimal system performance, and adhering to industry guidelines and legal regulations.
Technical Proficiency
Expertise in KVM and audiovisual technology, multimedia production, system administration, and software applications.
Bilingual Proficiency
Fluent in both Dutch (native) and English (professional), enabling seamless communication and collaboration with stakeholders in international settings.


Product Owner & Senior Systems Specialist

(2019 - present) - As a Product Owner and Senior Systems Specialist at LVNL, I dedicate myself to driving innovation and advancing air traffic infrastructure. I am crucial in spearheading initiatives that enhance the aviation industry's operational efficiency, safety, and decision-making capabilities.

Notable Projects

  • KVM Extension Solution for the Amsterdam Advanced Air Traffic Control System (AAA)

  • Multi Screen Display System (MSDS) in operation at Schiphol Tower (EHAM) and Tower Simulators

  • Central Monitoring and Control System (CMCS) in operation at LVNL Headquarters (SPL-O)

  • Console Based Display System (CBDS) in development as the future ATC console for ICAS

  • Next Generation Air Traffic Control Solution for Schiphol Tower (TWR-2020)

System Engineer (Sector MDC)

(2017 - 2019) - Deployed from my previous role as a Pre- and Aftersales Support Engineer, I joined Sector MDC (Meldkamer Dienstencentrum) at the Police to leverage my expertise in designing and implementing mission-critical solutions. With a solid technical background and a customer-centric approach, I have successfully assisted in deploying cutting-edge systems, ensuring seamless integration and enhancing operational efficiency within the law enforcement domain.

Notable Projects

  • KVM Control Room solution for the Network Operation Center (NOC) of the National Police

  • Video over IP streaming solution for distribution of CCTV footage to Emergency Control Centers

  • Transcoding and recording platform for CCTV footage for Emergency Control Centers

  • Out of band management for Emergency Control Centers

  • KVM Solution for Police Helicopter Air Traffic Controllers at Schiphol Airport (EHAM)

Senior Technical Support Engineer (AV and KVM)

(2014 - 2019) - As a seasoned Senior Technical Support Engineer, I have had the privilege of leading the Benelux support team at Intronics while heavily focusing on pre- and aftersales support. Representing brands like IHSE, Adder Technology, Raritan, Exterity, Opticis and TV-One.

Notable Projects

  • KVM Solution at Talpa Radio (Radio 538, Veronica, Sky Radio, Radio 10) for flexible studio use

  • KVM Solution at the Tennet Energy Control Center

  • IPTV Solution at RTL Nederland for distribution of local TV channels within the campus

  • IPTV Solution at Endemol for distribution and recording of footage on the internal network

  • Control Room Solution for SMIT Fleet Management in Rotterdam Harbour

Executive Producer (Music videos and Documentaries)

(2007 - 2014) - For seven years, I have been a successful self-employed professional, significantly impacting audiovisual production. With a focus on creating captivating music videos for major labels such as Universal, Sony, EMI, and Warner, as well as numerous independent labels including Kontor, Cloud9, Armada, CNR, and more, I have amassed a portfolio of over 100 music videos that have captivated audiences worldwide.


  • Music video for Deorro - Yee (Kontor)

  • Music video for Moke - Lessons to Learn (Warner Music)

  • Oldschool Renegades Documentary (Universal Music)

Technical Support Engineer (RØDE, M-Audio, Bryston)

(2006 - 2007) - With a strong background in specialized technical support and repair, I have been dedicated to ensuring optimal system performance and reliability for leading brands in the audio industry. Throughout my career, I have provided expert assistance to renowned brands such as Bryston, M-Audio, and RØDE, delivering exceptional support and troubleshooting to customers.

Instructor of Audiovisual Technology

(2003 - 2006) - I am an experienced Instructor of Audiovisual Technology with a passion for equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the dynamic audiovisual technology industry. During my tenure at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, I dedicated myself to developing and delivering comprehensive instruction in various aspects of audiovisual technology, ensuring that students received a well-rounded education.

TV and Radio Commercial Producer

(2001 - 2003) - I am an accomplished TV and Radio Commercial Producer with a passion for creating captivating audio and video content that leaves a lasting impact. During my time at, I played a pivotal role in overseeing the end-to-end production of high-quality commercials for radio and television, ensuring the delivery of effective and engaging advertisements.

Art Editor PC Gamer Magazine

(2000 - 2001) - During my time at PC Gamer Magazine, I served as an Art Editor, overseeing the design department and contributing to the creation of high-quality magazines within strict deadlines and budgets. I took pride in my ability to lead and inspire a creative team, while also delivering outstanding design results in a fast-paced and demanding publishing environment.

Senior Creative Designer

(1998 - 2000) - I am a seasoned Senior Creative Designer with a passion for delivering impactful design solutions that elevate brands and captivate audiences. During my tenure at Hollywood Music Hall, I played a pivotal role in overseeing advertising campaigns and print materials, ensuring consistent and high-quality brand representation.

Senior Creative Designer

(1993 - 1998) - With a passion for music and an innate ability to create visually captivating experiences, I am a highly skilled Senior Creative Designer with a proven track record in the music industry. During my tenure at Mid-Town Records, I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing innovative advertising campaigns, designing captivating album covers, directing music videos, and producing engaging radio and TV commercials.


Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO-1)
ITIL V4 FoundationsCapgemini
Atlassian User Training (Jira, Confluence)Valiantys
Cyber Security in ATMEurocontrol
G&D KVMGuntermann & Drunck
ATFCM BasicEurocontrol
Inside ATMEurocontrol
OSCPOffensive Security
Cyberwar, Surveillance and SecurityUniversity of Adelaide
IP Multicast2 Sides Education
Raritan KVM SystemsRaritan
Adder KVM SystemsAdder Technology
Exterity IPTV SystemsExterity LTD


Graphic Design & EngineeringGrafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


I am Maurice Steenbergen, a multi-talented individual with a deep passion for audiovisual technology, music, and digital artwork. I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1973 and began my career as a graphic designer and pre-press engineer for a daily newspaper after studying graphic design. However, my love for music soon took hold, and at the age of 15, I embarked on my journey as a DJ.Music Career (1992 - 2003)
In 1992, I created the international hit song called "Poing," which quickly soared to success in the Netherlands and went on to top the charts in many European countries. This track played a pivotal role in popularizing the gabber music style, becoming a cultural phenomenon in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe during the 1990s. Even today, "Poing" remains a timeless and iconic track of the gabber genre, often heard at raves and dance events across Europe.
Audiovisual Industry (1993 - 2014)
Throughout my career, I have made significant contributions to the audiovisual industry. As a Senior Creative at Mid-Town Records, I crafted music videos for renowned artists, while also sharing my expertise by teaching audiovisual technology at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. Eventually, I ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing my own media production company. During this time, I created over 100 music videos, earning accolades such as the Buma NL Award for Best Music Video in 2011 and a subsequent nomination in 2013. Additionally, I directed and produced the documentary "Oldschool Renegades," shedding light on the rise of rave culture in the early 1990s, featuring prominent artists like The Prodigy and Moby.
Critical Infrastructure (2014 - present)
From 2014, while working at Intronics, I had the opportunity to work on my first critical infrastructure projects, further honing my skills in designing and implementing robust solutions. These projects included collaborations with esteemed organizations such as the Police, Tennet, Rijkswaterstaat, Talpa Radio, and RTL Nederland. These experiences allowed me to gain invaluable insights into the complexities of managing and optimizing technology within mission-critical environments.
In 2018, I embarked on an exciting journey at LVNL (Air Traffic Control The Netherlands) as a Product Engineer, where I had the privilege of leveraging my expertise in audiovisual technology to support their operations within highly critical environments. This role served as a stepping stone to my subsequent position as a Product Owner and Senior Systems Specialist, enabling me to further contribute to the enhancement and innovation of critical infrastructure systems.In Conclusion
Throughout my career, I have remained committed to utilizing my audiovisual technology expertise to drive innovation and make a lasting impact in various industries. The fusion of my passion for music, digital artwork, and technology has propelled me to achieve remarkable success and leave an indelible mark in the realm of audiovisual technology.


Thank you for visiting my website. I would be delighted to connect with you and discuss how I can contribute to your project or answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to me using the contact form below.

Innovating in Systems & Infrastructure